Legal requirements for Weddings in Italy

 Civil Weddings -US Citizens

Civil ceremonies in Italy are legally binding. Legal procedures involves a good deal of paperwork and visits to several public offices. Our experienced wedding planners will be taking care of all these procedures. Some documents, however, must be provided by you. Do not worry if it sounds complicated, we will be sending you easy step-by-step instructions.

Us citizens getting married in Italy  must present the following documents:

1)   Valid passports

2)    Birth Certificates

3)   Evidence of termination of any previous marriage, if applicable (final divorce decree or Certificate of Death of former spouse).

4)  Atto notorio. (a sworn declaration) from the Italian Embassy in US. It is best to obtain this certificate in your home town but it is also possible to obtain it in Italy (ask our wedding planners for more information).

5)  Translation into Italian of Birth certificates, death and divorce certificates, apostilled by States Notary Public and authenticated by the Italian Consulate in US. The apostille is simply a Notary Public stamp on the certificates.

6) Nulla Osta CertificateThis is a sworn declaration before a US Consular office in Italy, stating that there is no impediment to the marriage. The Nulla Osta certificate fee released by the US Consular Officer may vary. At the present time (April 2010) it amounts to 50 USD.

All those planning a wedding in Italy must also comply with specific requirements of Italian law:

  1. a)   You must be over 18 of age.
  2. b)  Any previous marriage must have been terminated at least 300 days before the new marriage.
  3. c)   You must be of opposite sex.  According to Italian regulations people of the same sex are not allowed get married.

The requirements of each town hall may slightly differ and further special requirements may occur according to your country of origin.

All those booking a wedding with Exclusive Wedding will receive detailed paperwork instructions and assistance for all the procedures in Italy.

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