Civil Weddings in ItalyCivil Weddings in Italy

Civil weddings, celebrated in Italy, are legally recognized all over the world. A civil ceremony is always officiated by a Mayer or his substitute. Usually civil ceremonies must be performed inside town halls but  they can ….. more


Catholic Weddings in Italy

Catholic weddings can be performed throughout Italy in many wonderful Catholic churches including the Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice…. more



Protestant Weddings in Italy

Protestant churches can be found in a few big cities in Italy such as Florence, Venice or Rome. Rome has the largest choice between…. more


jewish weddings in Italy2Jewish Weddings in Italy

Italy offers some beautiful synagogues where you can celebrate a Jewish wedding. The main synagogues can be found in major cities…. more


Open air ceremonies in italySymbolic Weddings in Italy

A symbolic wedding is the perfect solution for those who do not want to arrange a civil or religious wedding, for those who prefer not to go…. more


Orthodox Wedding in italyOrthodox Weddings in Italy

Italy offers some wonderful churches where you can celebrate an Orthodox wedding. ….more



Religious weddings in italyOther Religious Weddings in Italy

Exclusive Weddings can organize, on request any type of religious ceremony. Our wedding planners will arrange for you all the documentation.


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