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Positano is one of the most romantic places in the world. What better location could you choose for your important event! Charming narrow streets, terraces with unbelievable views, gourmet restaurants, beaches, amazing sunsets: the best ingredients for a fairytale wedding. Positano offers civil, religious and symbolic wedding ceremonies and a magnificent choice of reception venues. View some of our venues in Positano

00349_positanotownhallCivil Weddings in Positano

Civil weddings are celebrated on a beautiful terrace overlooking the  bay. The view is absolutely breathtaking This is one of the few open-air civil wedding venues available in Italy. Click here to view the venue

00446_positano%20churchCatholic Weddings in Positano

Catholic weddings can be celebrated in an outstanding church right in the center of the town If the wedding must be legally binding it is advisable to perform a civil wedding before the religious one or request a Catholic rite with civil binding. For those who do not require a legal wedding or wish to perform the legal ceremony in their home town, it also possible to organize a beautiful religious blessing. Click here to view the Church

Protestant Weddings in Positano

Protestant  weddings have very few restrictions in Italy. It is possible to organize enchanting ceremonies in a beautiful open-air gardens, on charming terraces overlooking the coast, in elegant villas, in magnificent hotels or in beautiful  chapels.  Protestant weddings in Italy can be  legally binding, if desired. All those who do not require a legal wedding can perform a simple religious blessing. These are just some examples of the many venues available:  5 Star Hotel  Panoramic Terrace

Symbolic Weddings and Renewal of Vows in Positano

Symbolic ceremonies can be celebrated in many marvelous locations: in 5 star hotels, on enchanting terraces, on a boat, in any prestigious villa, palace, or garden. There are so many romantic venues to offer to make your wedding the most important day of your life. Here are some examples:  Romantic Hotel Cliff top Hotel 

Jewish Weddings in Positano

The Jewish community in Italy is Orthodox but people of any minhag can celebrate their wedding. Jewish weddings can also be legally binding, if required. All those who do not want a legal wedding can perform a simple religious wedding. jewish weddings can be organized in a vast range of venues either indoors or outdoors. These are some of the available venues:  5 Star Hotel  Panoramic Terrace 

Wedding Receptions in Positano

Positano offers a wide range of gourmet  restaurants and top class hotels, villas, historical palaces and open air locations.  Choose from our wide selection of reception venues. These are some examples: Romantic Hotel Cliff top Hotel 

Anniversaries or Other Religious Weddings in Positano

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