Weddings in Verona

Verona is one of the most romantic wedding destinations you could ever imagine: the city of Romeo and Juliet.  Great venues to choose from including the famous balcony where according to the legend the two lovers promised eternal love.   Choose one of our magnificent  venues in Verona.

Civil Weddings in Verona

Civil weddings are celebrated in 4 different wonderful wedding halls in various locations including the Romeo and Juliet’s famous balcony, an ancient cloister and stunning palaces.

Catholic Weddings in Verona

Verona  has many extraordinary churches in which it is possible to celebrate a Catholic wedding. Whichever church you may choose, Catholic weddings are legally binding. For those who do not require a legal wedding or wish to perform the legal ceremony in their home town, it also possible to organize a beautiful religious blessing in some of the amazing churches Verona has to offer.

Protestant Weddings in Verona

Protestant weddings have very few restrictions in Verona. It is possible to organize enchanting ceremonies in a beautiful open-air terraces overlooking the city, in elegant villas, in  charming protestant churches or in  exclusive medieval castle.  Protestant weddings in Italy can be legally binding, if desired. All those who do not require a legal wedding can perform a simple religious blessing.

Symbolic Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries in Verona

Symbolic ceremonies can be celebrated in many marvelous locations: 5 star hotels, chapels, prestigious villas, palaces, gardens. It is also possible to perform symbolic weddings, renewal of vows or anniversaries in Juliet’s balcony.


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