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Protestant weddings have very few restrictions in Italy. It is possible to organize enchanting ceremonies in  beautiful open-air gardens, on charming little islands overlooking the coast, in elegant villas, in magnificent Venetian palaces or in beautiful  chapels. 

Protestant weddings in Italy can be  legally binding, if desired. All those who do not require a legal wedding can perform a simple religious blessing.

Wedding receptions, if required, can be held in the same venue as the ceremony or in one of the many nearby venues available.

Protestant Wedding venues in Venice

Reception venues in Venice

Wedding Packages

Legal requirements

You can choose between breathtaking palaces, open air gardens, first class hotels, budget restaurants, private islands.

We have wide range of different options for all pockets. Protestant weddings can be freely organized inside the grand salons of Venetian palaces or in a secret gardens away from the tourist bustle.

Private islands are also a wonderful solution. They offer specially secluded areas for the ceremony (also including private chapels) and resorts for wedding receptions and accommodation.



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