Weddings in Emilia Romagna

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This region offers a variety of different locations for beautiful weddings: charming historical towns like Bologna, Ravenna and Ferrara, beach resorts and mountains.


Bologna is the main city of the region with many masterpieces of architecture: antique buildings and astonishing churches. It also provides a wide choice of gourmet restaurants and  cafès. Perfect location for a romantic wedding merged with the beauty of art and historical treasures.


Formerly the capital of the Byzantine empire, Ravenna still preserves the grandeur and the beauty of its past glory. Stunning location for a fairytale wedding.


A charming city with beautiful medieval cobblestone streets and a magnificent castle. The perfect setting for a romantic wedding  in  a stunning enviroment.


Lively beach side resort with charming  restaurants, bars, cafès and discoteques. Great location for young wedding parties.


Elegant city in the Northern part of Italy famous for its “Parmesan” cheese and for its “Parma ham”.

Other locations in Emilia Romagna

If you are interested in these or other wedding locations in Emilia Romagna, please contact us for further information.


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