Protestant Weddings

Protestant wedding in Italy

Protestant weddings in Italy have very few restrictions.

All those planning a protestant wedding   must comply with specific requirements of protestant authorities

  1. At least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian. You may be asked for proof of an appropriate Baptism (a baptismal certificate or a certified letter from your minister or pastor).
  2. The couple must attend a meeting previously with the Minister or Pastor or their personal secretary a few day prior to the wedding day.
  3. If divorced, you must give evidence of termination of any previous marriage.
  4. Proof that states that you belong to a church is sometimes required.
  5. Evidence that you have taken part to pre-wedding courses is also sometimes required.

Because of the many types of protestant churches some documents may differ from one church to another, make sure you contact our wedding planners for all the necessary information.

In some parts of Italy, it is possible to perform a protestant wedding with legal value. In other locations, bride and groom will be required to perform a civil wedding prior to the religious one either in their home town or in Italy. Alternatively, it is always possible to perform a simple religious blessing (with no legal value).

All those planning to have a wedding in Italy with legal validity  must also present all the documents required for civil ceremonies (as indicated in the Civil Ceremony section).

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