Orthodox Weddings

Orthodox Wedding

Orthodox weddings do not have legal value. It is therefore necessary to have a civil wedding before the religious one. Orthodox ceremonies can   be celebrated inside one  of the many beautiful Orthodox churches in Italy.  Requirements for foreign citizens who wish to celebrate an Orthodox wedding in Italy may vary according to the church where the ceremony will be celebrated. Generally the following requirements must be satisfied:

1) The Orthodox spouses must be baptized and /or chrismated. You may be asked to produce baptism certificates. Some churches may also ask for chrismation certificates (if obtainable)

2) It is sometimes required to have been an active steward for at least a year prior to the date of the wedding. If you have not been, please kindly inform your wedding planner.

3) Although not encouraged, interfaith marriages are usually allowed, providing that the non-Orthodox party is a baptized Christian. In some rare cases a conversion may be required.

4) Re-marriages are generally accepted. You will have to present a religious annulment decree  and a civil divorce decree (or certificate of death of former spouse, if applicable).

These are general guide lines. Some requirements may vary according to the specific requests of the church where you are planning to get married. All those planning to have a religious ceremony and a civil wedding  must also present all the documents required for civil ceremonies (as indicated in the Civil Ceremony section)

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