Jewish Weddings


The religious Jewish community in Italy is Orthodox and those wishing to marry in Italian synagogues must be Orthodox or Conservative and fulfil the requirements for Orthodox weddings.  This religious ceremony in Italy can also be legally binding if required.

Foreign citizens who wish to celebrate a Jewish wedding in Italy must provide the following documents as specifically required by Jewish religious authorities in Italy:

1)       Presentation letter to the rabbi

2)      Certificates attesting that the couple are members of Jewish communities

3)      Birth certificates

4)      Ketubot of the bride’s and the groom’s parents’ weddings;

5)   TEHUDAT RAVAKUT, a certificate of single status issued by an orthodox Beth-Din

6)   If the mitzvah was already   performed in the brides own community, a certificate may be requested. Otherwise the bride can perform the mitzvah in Italy

7)      Proof of the legal and religious Dissolution of Marriage, if divorced.

All those planning to have a religious ceremony with legal validity  must also present all the documents required for civil ceremonies (as indicated in the Civil Ceremony section)

Interfaith ceremonies are possible and many rabbis will co-officiate with a representative of another religion.

For non orthodox ceremonies and interfaith ceremonies please contact our expert wedding planners for further information.


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