Catholic Weddings


Catholic weddings are legally binding although simple blessings with no legal value are also possible. Catholic ceremonies can only  be celebrated inside one  of the many beautiful Catholic churches in Italy. Foreign citizens who wish to celebrate a religious wedding in Italy must provide the following documents as specifically required by the religious authorities:

1) Written permission from your parish priest

2) Written permission from your parish bishop

3) Baptism, first communion and confirmation certificates

4) Pre nuptial enquiry form. This is a questionnaire completed by you and your local priest including general information (eg.names, dates of birth) and sealed by your local Bishop.

All those planning a catholic wedding in Italy must also comply with specific requirements:

  • Bride and Groom must have attended Pre-cana classes
  • Bride and Groom must have never been married in the Catholic Church   before. Divorced are admitted only if the previous wedding was officially annulled.
  • If one of the parties is of a different religion, further paperwork is required.  Should this be the case, please contact our wedding planners for further information

All those planning to have a religious ceremony with legal validity  must also present all the documents required for civil ceremonies (as indicated in the Civil Ceremony section)

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